21 7 / 2013

Ok, I apologise. It has been a very, very, very long time since I actually wrote a proper long blog. I’m not sure if I have been particularly busy, but I have not sat down with my laptop in a seriously long time. Everything has been done on my mobile. I like to think its where I have an uber busy life! So, my apologies for not blogging in a while, but I do hope you appreciate this one :)

The above images are from  a set, working with a photographer on ModelMayhem. Now, I never seen to get much work from MM and do not often use/look at it, so was quite surprised to receive a message from Steve asking about a shoot. So, a few messages were exchanged, a few images for inspiration and to bet ideas were discussed and we set a date to shoot. 

We decided to work on a boudoir/lingerie feel, with some matching lingerie sets, then some shirt open revealing bra ideas.

The final image of the red set across the large chair was a main idea we worked on. I love the curves of the body in this shot, and along that nature, would work well for an art nude. I love wearing corsets, so brought along a black one to try out and a couple of shirts with just a plain bra to wear underneath. The photo of the lacy black knickers, I would love to try with a waspie or some more vintage looking high-waisted knickers.

After the shoot, Steve dropped me back home and quickly edited the images, so I could choose my favourites.

Hope you like my selection ;)

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